Why You Should Start Biking Today?

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In this age where time is so fast, oil prices skyrocket often, pollution is so serious, and unhealthy lifestyle is almost like a trend, one need to maximize things in order to address all these issues. And as they say, it’s more like “shooting two birds with one stone”.

Benefits of Biking

And in the case of biking, you actually get to “shoot” more than two “birds”. Biking does have benefits not only on the environment and the community, but on the biker’s health and pockets, as well.

Biking, sometimes called cycling, is a wonderful way of getting to places and is a recreational activity one can enjoy all throughout the year. Because no gas or oil is needed, it is a great way of saving the already polluted air. Especially for those who live near their work areas, biking could be faster since it can do away with congested traffic.

Biking is also a very inexpensive and yet very effective form of exercise. It is one of the best forms of cardiovascular and weight-reducing exercise. In fact, if you cycle 6 miles to and from work for 30 minutes, almost 15 to 20 lbs. of unwanted and unhealthy fats are shed off each year. Imagine that! Biking also helps strengthen your leg muscles and back to avoid serious injuries including cramps, sciatica, and even spinal disorders. It is also a perfect way to release tension and feel invigorated.

Biking can actually save you money, too. Compared to a car, bikes are inexpensive, cheap to maintain, and not in need of fuel.

Safety Tips when Biking

However, there are few safety tips to consider when biking. Here are safety tips you should consider if you plan to bike around for your environment and health:

  1. Always wear a helmet.
  2. Be alert at all times. Make sure that drivers do see you.
  3. When biking at night, make sure your bike’s tail light is turned on and wear light-colored shirts so you are visible to other drivers on the road.
  4. Practice looking over your shoulder without losing your balance. If possible, use a rear-view mirror.
  5. Keep your eyes open for road hazards like manholes, oily pavement, sewers, railroad tracks, gravel, and other things.
  6. Don’t make eye contact with chasing dogs. They might run after you as you bike.
  7. Always be aware of your environment. Do not wear ear plugs or headsets.
  8. Obey traffic rules.
  9. Be prepared for road side repairs.
  10. Do not counter the flow of traffic.

More than fun and enjoyment, biking helps improve your health and lifestyle. Start biking today and see the difference it will make in your life.