How to Walk Tall and Eliminate Leg Pain



A graceful walk is actually good posture-in-motion. The traditional practice of balancing a book on the head while walking is one of the best ways in forcing the body into proper alignment. However, practicing good walking posture should not end in childhood. Even if you are already working or doing house chores for the family, walking the right way should be given utmost importance.

The Proper Way of Walking

When you walk, your feet should be turned out just the liniest bit and positioned in almost a straight line, with only one or two inches apart. The length of your stride should depend on your height and the length of your legs. Additionally, when walking, your head should face in front with your chin parallel to the ground, and your arms freely swaying on the side. This good body mechanics of walking will help you move comfortably and eliminate any uneasiness.

The Benefits of Walking Tall

Walking the right way is important because it promotes good posture – straightening the back and preventing sluggishness. In relation to this, it eliminates the risk of any spine or bone condition brought about by poor posture, including back pain and spinal disorder. It also serves as a good exercise that doesn’t just help in toning the leg muscles, but promotes better breathing and blood circulation, as well. Additionally, walking and standing tall add confidence and poise to your personality.

Walking Exercises to Prevent Back and Leg Pain

To improve your walking posture and avoid back pain and leg injuries, these are the exercises that you can perform on a regular basis.

Slouch eliminator: To perform this exercise, start by lifting your head up. Then, stretch your neck such that your shoulders drop back, making you look like a puppet that is being pulled up by a string on the top of your head.

Leg straightener: Start with a walking position, with one leg in front of the other. Try to bend only that foot in front and keep your weight on the leg left behind. To develop your leg muscles, sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front, and walk forward using your buttocks.

Shrug: This exercise aims to eliminate tense shoulders. You can do this muscle warm up exercise by slowly raising each shoulder towards the level of your ear, then shrug them forward and backwards in circular motions.

Bellybutton crunch: This exercise involves deep breathing that is essential for spinal alignment. To do this, simply, take a deep breath and get as much air as possible. As you inhale and exhale, keep your tummy pulled in.

Bottom line: Good walking posture includes keeping the bottom “tucked” and not stuck out. To keep it this way when you walk, practice clenching and unclenching the buttocks 25 times a day.